Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When we unplugged ourselves...

A couple weeks ago I posted that I was doing away with morning T.V. time.  Who has this been hardest on?  Me (being completely objective, of course).  I miss the hour of silence I used to have to check email, drink coffee, and warm up to the idea that it was morning.  Who has this been best for?  Probably all of us.

We knew we'd have to trade traditions (you can't just take something away!) so we started our prayer album, which has gone surprisingly well.  Caleb runs out of his room every morning saying, "Who are we going to pray for?" rather than "I want to watch Thomas." He then flips the album, and we pray for the next person over our Cheerios.  This morning it was the Baxter/Moon families. :-)

Right now instead of being grumpy and whining for more screen time with his favorite tank engine, Caleb is playing in his room with his trains.  And every train has a different voice.  And they're fighting over which Candyland location they each are going to.  It makes me so happy.  I guess it's one way to learn conflict resolution.

Ben has become a lot more active since we're rarely sitting in one location for more than ten minutes.  He follows Brother around the house constantly and is now standing up on his own!  What an answer to prayer!

So as hard as it is for me to not just tune out for the first hour of the day, it's good.  It's right for me.  And it's keeping first things first.  Stay warm, friends.  I'm not liking the looks of this storm!  Teacher Man biked to work!


  1. This is my inspiration. I've gone through so many different activities with Josiah during the past two mornings...just trying to distract him from the fact that the television isn't on. It's ridiculous -- paper airplanes, play-dough, puzzles, library, bath, etc. I'll come up with some tradition. I even picked up a prayer card last night.

  2. Totally understand! It's taking a while for Caleb's creativity to kick in so that we don't have to "find something to do." But... I'm a more creative mom when I don't just cash in on someone else's creativity on television. So at the end of this road, Ann, we are going to be stinkin' amazing! Can't wait to hear about your prayer card tradition.