Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Making a New Friend

My 13-month-old son just found a new friend.  After months of being the only crawler around, he met this sweet little girl as her mommy and I had a highly educational talk... ahem... about blogging, discipling our children, IKEA, food, and creativity.  While we talked, they cracked us up as they "shared" a stuffed giraffe by passing him back and forth and "discovered" our picture window together.  They were precious.  And they made me smile.  And I'm still smiling now.

My baby boy discovered that there were other little ones out there like him who were just figuring out this whole walking, grunting, living thing.  And I enjoyed the fact that this little girl's mommy was encouraging me that there were other loving moms who were figuring out this whole loving, living, learning, disciplining, creating thing.  You know what makes me smile the most?  This wonderful mommy was the teacher that took over my classroom when I left teaching because I was becoming a mother, and now we've both left our classes in qualified hands so that we can teach our own little ones.

Who would've thought our kids would be playmates?  Love this so much.

I was wondering why recently I feel like I can relate to so many of the women around me, and it finally came to me.  I have jumped in, chin-deep into this crazy ocean called motherhood, embracing the reality that I'm in it with these little guys for life.  I no longer feel like Teacher Man and I are just playing house.  I'm a full-blooded, highly-dangerous mom.  I want to cultivate and create.  I want to listen and laugh.  I want to model forgiveness and silliness.  I want to give each day my best because my Lord (and my husband and children, for that matter) deserve no less.  So because I finally jumped into the mommy waters, I get to ride the waves with the other amazing women who've embraced this calling.

Together we get to share our gifts and resources (though probably not our stuffed giraffes) and discover new things since none of us have ever done this before (but we're not quite as awed by the picture window).  So this is me being grateful for community, for friendship, and for this crazy thing called motherhood.

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