Sunday, June 16, 2013

Because we needed more going on around here...

A few weeks after the birth of our precious little girl I casually mentioned to a friend that the inn was feeling a little full.  With two little boys running around making messes and a little girl making her presence known by a variety of pink items spread throughout our home, the walls felt like they were closing in on me.  Who would have thought that that casual conversation would have led to some of the most life-changing months I have experienced?

Because that same friend called me back a few days later and asked if we would be willing to sell our house to her and her husband.

Because we started looking for a home to house our growing family.

Because we found a house... our dream house... within a few blocks of our current home.

Because we did it all while also parenting three children under the age of five and getting Teacher Man through the end of the school year.

Because meanwhile, Baby Laura GREW!  And she has forever changed our family.

Because now I am feeding a baby and packing a box and making dinner and packing a box and making phone calls and packing a box... Are you sensing a theme?

So, if you've missed the updates on our family, rest assured, we are still here.  And also know that I miss this ongoing conversation in my life.  I frequently think of posts that I want to write while in the shower (the only quiet moment of my day) or perhaps in the .002 seconds I have between when my head hits the pillow and when I fall asleep.They are great posts and will eventually be written, but until we are settled in our new home, my two hands will probably be holding our precious baby girl, playing another game of Candyland, or (you guessed it!) packing a box.

For those of you who know our family personally, we will be publishing our new address soon so that we don't miss any updates from your sweet families!  We will officially be residing in the new house in August.  Until then, would you pray?  Please?  For a smooth transition.  For God's blessing on our new home.  For grace as we take on this moving project while also loving the little movers in our care.

And to those of you who have asked about the blog, thanks. It's nice to be missed.  The feeling is mutual.