Thursday, August 27, 2015

Change (and why it's good)

I have a love/hate relationship with my "On This Day" feed on Facebook.  I love seeing the pictures and reading the statuses about my kids.  I am so blessed to read the encouraging posts that were written on my wall.  But it's hard.

I read some of those posts and think, "Man... that girl that they were writing to had a ton of freedom.  Free time.  Unlimited sleep.  Choices.  Amazing."  But sometimes I also read things I posted and think, "WHY?????  Oh, WHY would I post that for everyone to read?  No one needed to know about that.  Period."

So sometimes change is good.  As we grow and change, we mature (hopefully).  We make better choices, more informed choices.  We do things we swore we wouldn't do because it was what our mom did, but at this point it seems pretty smart.  Way to go, Mom.  You were right all along.  It only took 31 years for me to get it.  I'm a little dense.

And in the case of this blog, change was necessary.  Entirely, ridiculously necessary.  For starters, there are no longer just boys in our family.  We have two.... yes, TWO little girls in our home.  Yep.  If that seems crazy impossible to you, join the club.  We could not be more thrilled to yell, "Okay, boys and girls.." into the back seat of our van. This is the family I always wanted but never dreamed would actually come together like this.  I mean... I'm a control freak, but the gender of our kiddos is still definitely beyond me.

Secondly, when I started the blog, I was...well... different.  Younger.  Ignorantly confidant.  Growing gracious young men seemed so very possible since my boys were still under the age of 3.  The world of possibility was wide open.  And even though we still desperately want our children to reflect the grace of God to a broken world, we are discovering that God has so much more to teach us as parents than we have to teach our children.  So the blog's name and domain have changed.

The old address will still direct you here, but I wanted the name and the domain to reflect what this blog actually is.  It's just the writing of a mom.  One mom.  One voice.  One Christ-follower who is still screwing up, remembering forgiveness, and rising again.  So welcome to The Writes of a Mom because I laid down way too many of those other rights when motherhood found me.

photo credit Jaime Virginia Photography

Yep, that's the new crew!  My house is always loud.  Incessantly cluttered.  Unbelievably blessed.   And unavoidably changing.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.