Thursday, November 3, 2011


I wasn't sure about MOPS.  Three years ago I thought it was just for moms who had 4 year olds.  In 2009, I started going to my local MOPS group and just did a lot of listening.  Listening to older moms share their wisdom, listening to godly speakers, listening to other moms echo the cries of my own heart.... to love our children well, to respect and serve our husbands, to love God with all our hearts (and some mornings to just have a shower).

This morning I was blessed at MOPS.  Blessed to talk to a new mom in our group, to reconnect with old friends, to laugh together about the funny things that only young moms think are funny.  So thank you, ladies.  Thank you for your perspective, for sharing your experiences, for giving me wisdom from your journey, and for listening to me.  Thank you for loving me so well and teaching me how to love well.  Each one of you shows me different strengths that I admire.

If you don't already attend a moms support group, I hope you'll give it a try.  If you live near me, I hope you come to mine. :-)  Blessings to all my MOPS friends.

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