Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We're Adventuring!

We purposely planned nothing for this last week's vacation.  We wanted to enjoy being outside, give the kids good rest time, and have fun together.  But as all moms know, a toddler needs some excitement now and again to keep them from creating their own... ahem... drama.  So when the rain passed last Thursday, we went adventuring (on a scavenger hunt).

Caleb got suited up in his Thomas backpack since all great adventurers must wear their backpacks.

Ben got strapped into the stroller, and we were off to find all the things on our list.  I knew my type-A, order-loving son would be thrilled to check things off.

Our first find: a red leaf

Next on the list: an orange leaf.  He was so excited to be finding things.

This would've been so cute if the camera had focused!

Ben just enjoyed the ride while his brother did some serious adventuring.

Here the boys are showing off their yellow leaf. 

And here's where the adventuring got really serious.  We found everything on the list.  Well, almost everything.  Caleb checked the items off as we went, but we could not find a pinecone.  I thought I had seen some during our jaunts through the forest, but we could not find any at all.  We walked everywhere before I realized that we were truly in a deciduous forest (only leaf-bearing trees).  This realization ended in a conversation with my three year old about the word "deciduous."  Life is a classroom, right?

Caleb remembered even after we were home that our mission was not complete, and he continues the search for the missing pinecone every time we walk outside.

I guess I should have realized that adventuring never ends when you have a preschooler.

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