Monday, November 14, 2011

Mommy Sick Day

I'm dizzy. and nauseated. and achy. and I still have two children.  I can't find the Pause Button on them for the life of me.  It's been quite the day.

I don't know when I started doing this, but my husband just explained to me that I do big organizing projects whenever I get sick.  He should have expected it today.  While the kids were napping, I organized the cupboards in our garage, did four loads of laundry, sent a lot of stuff to my folk's house, and put some books away that I had purchased in September.  My garage looks amazing!  I, however, feel pretty yucky.  When Teacher Man got home after taking a meal to someone for me (yes, I cooked this afternoon too.), I said something like, "Now that you're home, I'm going to bed."  His reply, "Could you give me a second?" (because on-duty with our kids requires ALL your attention.)  My answer: "Now that you're home, I'm going to bed."

I'm awake now from a 2-hour nap and thinking about going right back down.  This is what I wanted to do all day, but my kiddos wouldn't let me.  So grateful for my husband right now who fed our kids, cleaned our kids, put our kids to bed, and is now cleaning the kitchen after a long day of school.  I love you, Teacher Man!  Thanks for being my hero tonight!

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