Saturday, November 26, 2011

We Gathered Together

It's been chaos around our house for the last few days.  We made a 2.5 hour trip up to Great Grandma's (Gigi's) house to celebrate God's goodness with extended family from far away.  
This was on the way there.  (If we had taken a picture on the way back, it would not be this peaceful.  They cried the whole way home.  My nerves are shot.)
We also stopped at McD's for the benefit of our big boy who we now have to make restroom stops for.  Plus, they have $1 small specialty coffee drinks for the next couple weeks. Two mochas for exhausted parents + one orange drink for the big boy= happiness the rest of the way to Gigi's house.
Is it just me or did he become a man overnight?  Where's my cute little pudgy boy?  I want him back!!!!

The boys played with toys made by their great grandfather,

got to know extended family from Kentucky,

Skyped with family that could not be at our gathering (including Grandma Pam!),

and ate (mostly crackers). 

Have I ever mentioned how much my children's eating habits bug me?  Anyways...

It was a lovely day of giving thanks (until the drive home at least). 

Then yesterday, Teacher Man's family came over here to celebrate.  I'll upload more pictures later for the benefit of Grandma Pam, who is very much missed.  All that to say, I've been too busy to blog about all our Christmas ideas around here, but there's been a lot going on!  Stay tuned and have a restful Sunday!

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