Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What happens when we share...

We keep telling Caleb that if he doesn't share what God gives him then he will lose it, a lesson that we need to keep relearning as adults.  So what would happen if we truly shared all that we have?  What would happen if saw all our time, our money, our homes, our possessions, our vehicles, even our children as gifts of God that we are only stewards of?

I can't process or work on all areas at once.  I'm a type-A, focused kinda gal.  So I've been praying and trying to be conscientious about opening our home..  Remembering that these four walls are not my fortress but a sanctuary for my family and, we hope, all who enter.  Remembering the mess is a sign of memories being made (it really is!) and not my failure as a homemaker. And the interruptions and unexpected visits are so often the sweetest of all.

You never know what might come of saying "yes" to God, of opening your doors to those who knock.

Like a surprise story teller (please excuse the red eye!) who popped by for a glass of water and left with a new little buddy.

Honorary aunts and uncles who love your children and can enjoy them.

Honorary grandparents who bless you with encouraging smiles and healing words.

Children having the opportunity to hear the Gospel and ask Jesus Christ to be Savior and Lord.

Because when we say "yes" to God, we open our arms to showers of grace.  When we say "yes" to God, we can at last see the grace that He's already given us.

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