Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We All Do Our Own Thing

Teacher Man had to do a ton of planning tonight.  He's amazing, always taking one night a week to do his planning for the next week. Normally the planning alone takes 4-5 hours.  If you add on his normal school day (9 hours), that means he's working 13-14 hours today so that we can have a weekend together. . .  without schoolwork.  So so grateful.

So I did the dishes alone tonight, expecting to get interrupted every time I put another dish in the sink; but something miraculous happened.  Nothing happened.  Caleb played quietly with his new train set in the living room.  Ben read books to himself in the family room and didn't bother his big brother at all.  It just left me washing dishes in a beautiful quiet, listening to Ben coo and Caleb narrate his latest drama with his Thomas trains.  Beautiful noises.

Whoever has been praying for our family, for my sanity, for our health, thank you!  We're on the mend, and I know it's by God's grace.  My little boys' bums are hurting after this flu so I told my older boy, "This cream will help your bottom."  He turned to me and said, "No, God will heal it."  True, son. Thanks for reminding me Who is really in control over everything, including diaper rash.

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