Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cheap Birth-Date

Yesterday afternoon, we just couldn't wait any longer.  We finally pulled Caleb's birthday present (which I had been hiding for 7 months) from the garage.  My sister-in-law picked it up for me at Kid's Market (Winona Lake's amazing kids consignment sale!) back in March, and even David and I have had trouble not pulling it out to play with it.  My sis-in-law called me when she found it, and I could not believe it was only $10.  Anything at Kid's Market is clean, in working order, and complete.  Love that sale!  Caleb could care less that it had a previous owner; in fact, he has no clue.  We brought it to him completely put together so he wouldn't have to wait through the construction process.  Buying clean, quality toys at garage and consignment  sales is just one of the ways that we make ends meet so I can be a stay-at-home mom.

Are you ready to hear what it was???

It's Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds!  What??   You're not drooling or jumping up and down?  Clearly I gave it to the right person then because Caleb would've slept with the set if we'd allowed him.

Anyways, the rest of our family's evening was spent figuring out how to make the remote-operated Thomas go in the Sheds, how to get all the other trains on the track (this is key!), how to work the points (train term), and then how to get Caleb to go to bed when he clearly wanted to live in Tidmouth Sheds.  We eat, sleep, and breathe trains around here; but right at this moment, there's a Thomas song playing about being patient so I'm just grateful Caleb got into something that has some good character lessons.

I suppose we could have gotten Caleb more birthday presents.  I have more things stocked in the closet that I know he'll love, but why would I give him all those things when he would only care about the train set? We'll save the others for Christmas and for the inevitable long, snowy days of January when he'll actually care instead of throwing them to the side because he needs to play with his trains.

Of course, Ben was super excited about the set which was the hardest part of the evening.  Ben played "Destroy the Island of Sodor" while Caleb was playing "Trains Have an Organized Schedule."  Sometimes I just have to laugh at how different they are.

I'm off for another day of sickness recovery involving the BRAT diet, lots of diapers, and way too much television.  But I'm pretty sure that there will be some serious train time too :-).  Blessings to you all!

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