Thursday, October 20, 2011

Going Campin'

So when we only had Caleb, my husband and I went camping with a few friends from church.  We hiked; Caleb napped. We ate; Caleb napped.  We sat around the fire laughing with our friends; Caleb slept.  Are you seeing the pattern?  He was totally chilled.... and sleepy.

Okay, so a few times he was awake so we could take cute pictures.

Including my all-time favorite picture of Teacher Man and Caleb.  Totally unplanned.  Totally awesome. This was the wallpaper on my computer FOREVER.

Anyways, Teacher Man and I have been desperate for a vacation.  This summer we focused on ministry.  The school year is focused on.... well, school so we never really took any time away since Benjamin was born.  And we're feeling it.  We're feeling that unbalanced busyness that happens when we don't step back and evaluate....when we don't slow down and play tons of Candyland...when we don't take time to stop and wonder at the beauty of God's  masterpieces.

So I need help from you!  I haven't camped with two children before, and we haven't had this much family time in a long time.  Any suggestions for things we should take with us?  Games we should play?  Books that must be read?  I know it's only three days, but we'll be off the grid.  No phones.  No laptops.  No distractions. Think of all the time we'll have!  Help me out!

Okay, this one is just because I like looking through our old camping pictures.  
Have a blessed day!


  1. I do not have any great suggestions, but I have a pop up camper (with heat!) if you want to borrow it. :D

  2. Thanks, Jaena! If we weren't headed to a heated cabin, I would totally take you up on that!