Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Kingdom

My parents bought season tickets to a concert series and divided the tickets up among them, my sister and her husband, and our family.  This means that for the first time (in a VERY long time) my husband and I are regular concert goers.  This landed us in Fort Wayne last night for a Newsboys, Building 429, Leland, Royal Tailor, and Manic Drive concert.  Anyone who grew up in the late 90's in church sang "Shine" and knows all about barbeque hamsters... Good ole Newboys.  It was a really fun evening, but in the middle of the hype Shaun Groves (one of my favorite bloggers) came and spoke about the Kingdom.

To many, his words probably seemed like a commercial in the middle of their favorite TV show.  He was encouraging people to sponsor children through Compassion.  To give to others since God has so richly blessed us in the States.  The average American spends $100 on soda every month, $69 on cable.  That amount would feed, clothe, and educate more than 4 children for a month besides giving them the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

The phrase that I heard, which I've heard before but need to have before my eyes daily, is "Live simply so others may simply live." Live simply so other may. simply. live.  Being part of the Kingdom right here on earth means that I have been saved for a greater work here than just living out my days, waiting for my turn to go to Heaven.  God has given to me richly so that I may use His gifts to help heal a hurting world, to see His Kingdom come and His will be done.

So now you know I'm a concert spoilsport.  In the midst of the awesomeness, my favorite part of the whole evening was Shaun Groves.  He didn't even sing, which made me sad because his new album Third World Symphony is worth listening to and playing over and over again.  I need to hear his song "All Is Grace" often.  You can listen online at the link above, and please do.

We sponsor a little boy in Bolivia named Alexander.  He actually lives in the city of Santa Cruz where I lived for 50 days while student teaching.  We write back and forth with Alexander often, and my husband thinks it's funny that I always read Alexander's Spanish rather than the translation because I really do need the opportunity to practice.  I guess what last night impressed upon me is that Alexander needs to be a bigger part of our family, our prayers, our conversation, our attention.  I want our children to know how most of the world lives.  I want them pray for Alexander and have a relationship with him through his letters so that "living simply so others may simply live" is ingrained in them as a way of life.  When they think of poverty, may they not think of statistics but of their friend in Bolivia, who could be a statistic if it weren't for the work of Compassion International.

Sorry no pictures today.  Have a blessed Sunday!  And consider checking out Compassion International. $38 a month can change a life. Just. Amazing.

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