Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just Enough (from our vacation)

We’ve been camping now for two days.  So blessed.  So unbelievably blessed.  The weather has been in the 70s… in late October… in Indiana.  That never happens!  We’ve played in the park, tricycled down the paths, blown bubbles on the fishing pier, and crunched through the autumn leaves.  Both boys can’t stop smiling.  I don’t know if it’s the outdoors or just the fact that Mommy and Daddy can love on them with no distractions, but we’re having a marvelous time.

Tonight we had a stay-in-the-cabin evening since it started raining right after dinner.  After watching “Finding Nemo” with Caleb (thank you, laptop!), we played Memory and Thomas the Tank Engine Go Fish.  We’re still working on the concept of keeping your cards a secret although Caleb has the rest of Go Fish down.  He yells out each card he gets when he “goes fishing.” 

Caleb: I got a Harold.
Me: Shhhh.  Don’t tell us! It’s a secret.
Caleb: (whispers) I got a Harold.
Teacher Man and I: (turn away so we can laugh)

You’re going to think we’re super boring.  Maybe we are, but this afternoon while the boys were sleeping, Dave and I lay down to read and rest.  Two hours later we woke up to Benjamin crying that his nap was over.  Yep.  We took a family nap. It was glorious.

I guess that’s what I’m loving most about this time away.  We’re just living life together.  No pressure to get things done.  No house itching to be cleaned.  No computer enticing me with messages.  No Google Reader calling to Teacher Man.  No responsibilities pulling us away.  Just enough for each day. 

Just enough food to get us to the end of the trip.  Just enough clothing to wear for a few days and wash.  Just enough space in the cabin to live together.  Just enough light for each day; and when the light is gone, we sleep.  Thank You, God, for just enough.

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  1. It sounds like a beautiful time, thanks for sharing. I love reading these posts! Miss you all, John.