Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pretend Birthdays

So our lives have been consumed by our boys' birthdays for the last month.  Caleb has been reading about birthdays, waiting impatiently through all of Ben's birthday festivities, dreaming of all the Thomas trains he wants, and talking about how much he wants a "Thomas chocolate cake."  After his actual birthday passed, it was all he could to do contain his excitement yesterday about today's party.  He set the table multiple times.  "Here's G....'s chair. And this is where O... will sit.  And here is Grandma's seat. Oh, and they need napkins!"  I was cracking up about him setting the table with all the special party plates and napkins while I was feeding Ben in his high chair.  Then all of a sudden Caleb ran to his room and came back in the room with da da-da daaaaa......

his Melissa and Doug birthday cake set.  He set up the candles, and we practiced singing "Happy Birthday" to Caleb.  Then we sang "Happy Birthday" to Ben. Then we sang "Happy Birthday" to Mommy.

Can you sense the intensity in his face?  Birthdays are serious business around here.  You only have one shot every year to get it right, and practice makes perfect.  

We practiced serving the cake, eating the cake, and praising the deliciousness of the cake.  I felt confident that we were ready for the real thing.  And you know what?  We were.  It was probably the best day in my son's life so far.  He glowed.  What could be better than celebrating another year with few Thomas enthusiasts?     .    .     .          Exactly.  Nothing could possibly top this. I'll share more on his little get-together (he got to have three friends over because he is now three years old), but here's a taste of the fun:

No, I didn't make this.  Pretty amazing, huh?  I'm signing off after a long day of enjoying my oldest.  May all your tracks be to great destinations.

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