Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things I've Said Today

 Just for the record my boys are 3 and 14 months.  And this is a slice of our day.

"Stop putting your brother in a headlock.  He doesn't like it."

"When you grit your teeth, you're about to make a bad choice."

"If you eat your train, I'll give you some crackers."

"I know you want to sleep, but you need to get in the car."

"Is that smell your kid or mine?"

"Get out of your brother's face." (said this at least three times)

"Be gentle.  Did you hear me?  I said, "BE GENTLE!!!!"

"Stop playing with the trash can."

"Does that cracker really taste better now that it's been on the floor for 10 minutes?"

"If you leave that on the floor, it WILL be eaten.  Do you want it to be eaten?"

Grace.  Just enough for each day.  Hoping tomorrow will be a bit more graceful.

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