Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home again, home again...

We've been on the road since Saturday.  And my body feels like... it's been on the road since Saturday.  Don't get me wrong.  It was totally worth it.  Visiting with friends.  Celebrating Christmas Eve with our usual gang and family.  Making the long trek up to Michigan to visit my grandpa and other family.  All. totally. worth. it.
My mother is also up in Michigan to spend time with Grandpa while he's in the hospital.  When we got to our hotel, she was there waiting for us with... wait for it... cookies!  If you know my mother, you know this is pretty much expected.  Today at lunch, Caleb said his favorite part of the whole trip was getting to the hotel and seeing Grandma.  Not his presents.  Not playing with his friends.  Not even feeding the chickens at my sister's farm.  Just seeing his grandma.  Priceless.

I have several fun things to share from the trip, but... for now, let me just say that it's nice to be home.  It's good to make food for my family.  It's lovely to fold warm, clean laundry.  It's bliss to spend the morning cleaning out two closets (if you know me, you know how happy this makes me).  And it's so relaxing to bathe the kids, snuggle them in their footie pajamas, pack them into the car, and drive through the Walkway of Lights before they're turned off for the season (We've visited no fewer than 10 times.  This is where my husband and I have our best conversations because the kids are so completely enthralled in the lights.)  Oh, and have I mentioned that Teacher Man doesn't go back to work until next Tuesday?

So I'm going to go snack on some kettle corn, catch up on Downton Abbey (have I mentioned before that we're also Masterpiece Theater junkies?), and revel in the fact that the boys' rooms can serve them better, the Christmas decorations are no longer in my road, and my 3 year old actually ate what I prepared for dinner (gnocchi).  It's a Christmas MIRACLE!

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