Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can you hear me now? Quick update.

We saw the ENT today.  I told Caleb that his ears were so special that the audiologist told to ENT that he had to look at them.  (insert manipulative, evil laugh here)  The ENT was wonderful, looked in both boys' ears, and told me that Ben is fine but Caleb should definitely have another set of tubes and probably get rid of his adenoids.  I shared our insurance situation with him, and we were scheduled for surgery with another doctor in his group for NEXT TUESDAY!

I consider this nothing short of an answer to your/our prayers!  While other times it has taken months to just see the doctor, we will have had our pre-operative appointment and surgery within eight days of my first prayer.  Only God.  Oh, and that just happened to be the only day next week that we were available.  Thanks, God, for managing my calendar even when I didn't have my binder (love that thing.) with me!

So so thankful.  Thankful to God and thankful to His people for praying.  I told my mom on the phone today that I feel like the most supported young family in the world.  We may not be financially rich according to the standards of our society, but we feel rich.  Rich in God's provisions.  Rich in friendships.  Rich in ministry.  Rich in family.  Rich in love.  So so blessed.

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