Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How we're doing...

From the outside, I'm sure my life looks a little nutty right now.  We've had doctors' appointments, specialists' appointments, therapists' appointments, re-certification meetings, insurance calls, and even an outpatient surgery in the last two weeks.  I should be frazzled, exhausted, and overwhelmed (and I was pretty out of it last night).  But, to be honest, I feel great!  Because on the inside, I just have enough.

Enough grace to live each moment.  Enough friends to pray for me and remind me that I'm being prayed for. Enough love from our part of the Body.  Enough support from family and friends who helped me juggle my sweet babies yesterday. Enough grace from my husband last night, who did dishes, tucked me in extra early with more blankets, and got up with a sad boy last night.  Just enough.  

Don't get me wrong.  When a friend offered me a cup of coffee after lunch today, I took it.  I needed it.  It gave me just enough energy to pick up my house when I got home so Teacher Man could come home to way less chaos today than he did yesterday.  And now I'm sitting. And I really don't want to get up.  

But I have a peace that even if and when we have life's emergencies, we'll be supported by God and by the Body.  Never in my life have I lived in community like this.  I always felt like I could only depend on my immediate family for help. Until now.  

A dear friend allowed Ben to stay at her home all morning.  Grace.
Other friends texted to remind me that they were praying and loving us from afar.  Grace.
Friends from around the globe messaged or emailed me to let me know they were holding us up in prayer. Grace.
My mom read to the boys so I could have 5 minutes of privacy.  Grace.

A gal from our church sent Caleb a get-well-soon letter in the mail (Thomas-style, of course). Grace.
Caleb's new Imagination Library book arrived yesterday. Grace.
Another friend brought by a Blessings Basket with a present for Caleb to open for each of the next 7 days. Grace.
Friends met us at the library today to chat, read, and then share lunch. Grace.

One of my other friends just shared this today as well, but it's so true.  I feel like I now live in a community that "does life together."  They don't need to see me looking good.  They want to know I'm doing well.  They don't need me to be proper.  They need me to be authentic and to care deeply.  They don't just love me when it's convenient.  They love me sacrificially and inspire me to be a better Christ-follower.  This is what it is to be a part of the Body.  When we are weak, Christ empowers the rest of the Body to strengthen and help heal us.    Even if it's a cup of coffee on a tired afternoon, each little and big act of compassion keeps the Body healthy and reminds us of the love of the Life-giver.

So thank you to each member of our community.  It's a blessing to do life together.  

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  1. Love it, Krista! So true! :) Thank God for His grace, love, and the Body! Love you.