Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthing alone

Did the title alone scare you?  Just the idea makes me feel panicky, and I'm not even pregnant.  So don't worry, Mom, this is not my new birthing plan.  However, millions of women birth their babies without any trained attendant because they have no. choice.  They have no access to a hospital.  They cannot afford an attendant in their home.  And they cannot stop the inevitable.

My MOPS group has started to support a child survival program in Kenya that provides prenatal home visits to pregnant moms, a birthing attendant during labor and delivery, and healthcare/nutritional support after the baby is born... all through the local churches of Kenya.  Amazing!  How are we doing this?  Compassion International.  Why are we doing this?  Because we're moms.  Because we're in MOPS to help other moms be better moms.  Because that doesn't just mean the moms in our neighborhood.  It includes a Maasai mom in Kenya who is only 15 and expecting to bury several children before one survives.  And that is not okay with us.

I just. can't. imagine.

I keep thinking about Mary.  Tired from a dirty journey, laboring in a stable, smelling (and I mean smelling) the stench of animals, and very possibly birthing alone.  Grateful for her sacrifice to bring our Savior into the world.

So as you make your budget for 2012 and come up with your resolutions, consider Compassion.  It's amazing what $20 a month (a child survival program sponsorship) can do. 

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