Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quick update on Grandpa Robert

A girl's love for her grandpa never changes.

Thank you for your prayers, friends.  My mother's father (Grandpa Robert) made it through surgery well although there was a lot of infection in his abdomen.  At this point, he's looking at 10 more days in the hospital and two weeks of rehab at a care facility closer to his home.  Today he was in a drug-induced coma to allow his body some forced rest.

This will be a tough Christmas for our whole family, not having Grandpa with us at the big family celebration, taking turns staying with him at the hospital over an hour away from the rest of the family, adjusting to a new season.  I ask that you'd pray for Grandpa... that he'd be encouraged this Christmas, that his body would heal well from the trauma of three surgeries, and that all of us in his immediate family would know how to love him well.

Would you lift up my mother and her two brothers as well?  This has been a week of unpleasant surprises, late nights, and tough decisions.  And I know my mom just sounded weary on the phone last night.  The surgery has gone well, but recovery seems like such a long road.  Thanks for walking alongside us in the journey... for being the Body.

Blessings to you as we continue to celebrate the coming of our Savior!


  1. O my! Benjamin is just a boy version of you! Aren't you sweet in that picture!?!

    Will be praying along with you, friend.

  2. Sarah, you bless me. Appreciate the prayers and your friendship.