Sunday, June 3, 2012

What happens to a schedule when you're pregnant...

Schedule?  What schedule?  This week has been about survival.  I've discovered that a tall glass of Coke and a piece of toast are my good friends.  My children have also spent an abnormal amount of time with other people or with their friends on the Dinosaur Train.  I just keep telling my type-A, get-it-done self that this is only for a season.

For the record, we did follow our Days of the Week task list.  I got the bulk of the laundry done Monday, got the bills paid and shopping lists made Tuesday, did my errands on Wednesday (without my children thanks to an amazing friend), stayed as far from the kitchen as possible on Kitchen Day, and vacuumed/picked up the house on Cleaning Day.  There may be a slight flaw in Kitchen Day.  Maybe.

All that said, everything was done at a much lower level and often with a lot of help.  Ben can put toys in his room.  Caleb can run things to different places in the house.  Teacher Man does a mean load of dishes.  I'm so thankful for my guys.  They're being challenged to show grace to this momma in a new, never-before-needed way.  Hopefully someday, Teacher Man's amazing example of servanthood will come out in my sons' lives when their faced with their own pregnant wives.

As for me, it's back to the couch to drink a ton of water and get a quick rest before I'm needed for the next Candyland championship.  Even on days that I feel sick, I still know I have the best job in the world.  And if you're going to be sick, this is a great reason.

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