Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Sisterhood of Motherhood

Never in my life have I felt more connected to other women than I do right now.  I'm not a trusting person, nor do I feel especially extroverted.  But right now, I feel like I am surrounded by strong arms and true hearts that help me each day to bear the load I've been given.  They know me well and love me well.  They get it.

Within hours of my last post, three women had volunteered to take my children.  Two offered to bring me food so I didn't have to smell it cooking, and one called to set a playdate with my children this week so I could catch some extra sleep.  Am I blessed or what?  There is no way my morning sickness could tempt me to feel hopeless when I'm surrounded by so much grace and selfless love.

For those of you who were wondering, I am feeling much better!  I've gotten on a cycle of snacking, drinking water, and eating protein that seems to keep the morning sickness at bay.  The hardest part is that I normally don't worry much about feeding myself or making sure I rest so I'm retraining my mind to take care of my body and the little life that it carries.  Plus, I know right off the top of my head four women who are lifting me up to the throne of grace.  They're carrying me right now so I can carry my child and love my other children.

I've heard this from other people, but this season of mothering little children brings us moms together.  Our walls are torn down as we admit to shower-less days, sleepless nights, and incessant crying (ours and our children's).  The pretense of "having it all together" just can't exist.  There's just no way to pull that off when one child is screaming, another is running away, and there's a smell coming from somewhere.  And without walls, there is nothing to do but love one another for the broken but healing women we are.

And in this season of intensive care, I am grateful to be surrounded by so many moms that I admire.  For the way they handle adversity.  For the way the love their children unconditionally.  For the creativity the use in training their children.  For the grace that they give freely.

So today I'm thankful for my sisters in Christ and in motherhood.  Your lives are an encouragement.  Your prayers strengthen me.  Your words bless my heart.  And your selfless acts of love toward my family give me a glimpse of the Body of Christ at its best. Thank you.

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