Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Starting at the End (of your rope)

It's Wednesday...I think.  The days have blurred together as Teacher Man and I have been tag-teaming through the last week and a half of ministry.  We have two and a half days to go before the training where we're serving is done.  On one hand, I feel like I'm doing so little.  On the other hand, I'm barely putting one foot in front of the other so more is not and option.  Each day, I start with the feeling that I only have enough energy to crawl back under the covers.  Yet there's a sustaining grace that is keeping me from running around my house screaming at the top of my lungs, and there have also been little bursts of blessing in each day that remind me that my cup really does overflow.

An encouraging talk with a friend.  Someone making lunch for me and my children.  A peaceful dinner.  A teen's passion for Christ shared in small groups.  My boys snuggling with their new honorary aunts and uncles.  An invitation to have my feet washed.  Some moments have filled my soul with such joy that I could barely breathe.

While I know that being pulled in all directions is not in the best long-term interests of my family, I'm grateful that we said "yes" to these crazy two weeks.  It's been an unforgettable season for each member of our little family, and we will miss these God-followers when they've gone home from the training camp we're staffing.  And maybe we're seeing the grace better this week, starting at the end of our own ropes and looking to God for a lifeline.

To the friends who have prayed, nurtured our children, and spoken words of encouragement; we are so grateful that God has placed you in our lives.  To the young people we have had the privilege of serving, you are incredibly dear to us and we wait with eager anticipation to see what our great God will do with your lives.  Thank you for letting us walk part of the journey with you.

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