Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lock the doors!

After looking at the training schedule and discovering that we are not needed on campus until this evening, the little boys and I have decided to have a lock-in.  We've watched Dinosaur Train, read a ton of library books, played toys, and just generally lounged.  I'm staging a stand-off at the washing machine until I can guarantee that everyone will have clean pajamas tonight, and I'm even considering thinking about a day beyond Friday.  I know... pretty amazing.

I have two pretty social boys. They love to be with friends and adore the youth that we're working with, but when your one year old just spontaneously breaks out in tears at random moments throughout the day, something's gotta give.  There's at least enough of my introversion in them to make them crave some down time, even if they won't admit that.

So here are our lock-in plans:

1. Read and snuggle.  And then read and snuggle some more.

2. Do something creative, even if it's building a fort using every blanket in the house.

3. Take time together at lunch for Bible time.  While my mind has been surrounded by the Word, I'm not sure their little hearts have heard His words in a while.  In this heat, I think we could all use a glass of water and a dose of Living Water.

4. Nap.  We are ALL going to nap, even if I only get to lie down for thirty minutes.

5. Nest. Put things where we can find them.  Eat things that make us feel at home.  Take time to talk and to truly listen to one another.

6. Talk about our favorite things.  Cause it really does make us feel better.   Thanks, Rogers and Hammerstein.

I even considered cooking tonight so we could stay home this evening, but let's not get too crazy about this.

Perhaps you're out braving the heat or are running errands around town.  We'll join you tomorrow, but today is Introvert Day in our house, giving our souls the rest that they need... at least until suppertime.

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