Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What We've Been Up To

I feel like a terrible blogger.  It's almost hard to write this first post.  It feels foreign.  Blogging is one of many ways I want to live my life intentionally, reflectively; and while the last few weeks of my life have been incredibly intentional, there has been little/no time for reflection.  In fact, at this moment I'm ignoring a dirty kitchen and a messy table so I can write in the silence that can only be created by Teacher Man taking the boys to the park.  Thank you, God, for that man!

Truly, every day is better for this family when he is home.  Caleb's prayer every night goes something like this: "Thank you, God, that Daddy got to stay home today."  Then his next question is: "How many more days will Daddy stay home with me?"  I know how he feels.  Summer together with my whole family could not last long enough.  Today my kitchen sink even got fixed because Teacher Man was home.  Hurray!

Because we've just been intentionally living each day together, there just isn't a lot of time to sit down and write.  Plus, when I do sit down, I fall asleep. That happens a lot.  Pretty much once a day.  Ah, pregnancy.

Besides massive amounts of sleep and a couple small projects, we've had the opportunity to celebrate our 5th anniversary.  How did five years go by so fast?  I am so blessed.

We've found all sorts of crazy things to do around the house to avoid the heat and humidity outside, including several rodeos.  Yeehaw!

We hosted a 5 Day Club during the last week of CYIA training.  What a blessing to see teens clearly sharing the Gospel and children from our neighborhood responding with tender hearts!

And then every once and a while, we brave the heat and go outside to dig in the sand or water the garden.

We've also enjoyed a couple of visits from Grandma Pam (Teacher Man's mom).  Ben is showing her all the planes since we live close to the local airport.

Oh, and no week at our home would be complete without some construction stalking.  Thankfully the boys could watch the giant crane across the street from the comfort of Caleb's top bunk.  

What I do not have a picture of is Teacher Man making phone calls to local churches as we seek to partner with them in evangelizing and discipling the children of our community.  This is his "summer job" as our goal is to be in full-time ministry with Child Evangelism Fellowship in the near future.

These weeks have been exactly what we have needed, and I feel better each day as I'm figuring out how to keep this pregnant body happy.  Speaking of pregnancy, Baby #3 had his/her first pictures taken today via ultrasound.  Everything looks healthy and normal, and we heard a good heartbeat.  What a blessing!

So there you have it, life in a nutshell for us.  Life will be ever busy balancing work, ministry, and family; but we are blessed beyond measure. And if you wonder why I'm not posting, it's probably because I'm sleeping.  For real.  I'm probably lying on my couch in a coma.  Perhaps second trimester will be kinder to blogging, but until then...  Have a blessed July!

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