Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Smell of Cheerios

Perhaps I should have titled this post "You Know You're Pregnant When..."   I was walking through my family room as my children munched on their morning cereal.  My kiddos eat in cycles.  Sometimes we're wild about frosted shredded wheat, the we go for a month with nothing but peanut butter oatmeal, then no one's happy unless there are multi-grain O's in the house.  There have been so many delicious choices for the last few months that we hadn't cycled back to "Regular Cheerios," as my son calls them, in probably a year.

Of course, because I'm pregnant, I could smell the Cheerios that my sons were eating; and a flood of memories came back.  Simpler days of only having one son eating solid food.  Even simpler days of only having one son.  I admit it.  I almost cried for the nostalgia of it all.  Cried because my boys are changing so much.  Cried because it seems like only yesterday that Caleb was running around in his Elmo slippers and playing with a shape sorter.  Cried because I wouldn't change a thing about my sons or my life.  It's just all going so quickly.  And because I'm pregnant, I let myself have a good cry.

Change is good, but so are the memories of the last four years of my mothering life.  So raise your cereal bowls high with me as we toast the amazing journey that motherhood is... with all the precious high moments and incredibly low moments and the millions of bowls of Cheerios.

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  1. I had some crazy side effects when I was pregnant, too. But, you know...cheerios don't have a very strong smell!