Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Holiday

As a mom, I know I have wasted more hours being graceless with myself and feeling guilty about every decision than I would really like to recount.  Today as both boys woke up with fevers, I gave myself (and them) a holiday from standards.  A holiday from eating the perfect diet.  A holiday from pursuing activities that would be considered enriching and educational.  It. was. lovely.

As they felt miserable, I gave myself the gift of saying, "Yes."  A lot.

Yes, you can have a snack.

Yes, you can eat pretzels.

Yes, you can watch PBS all morning.

Yes, you can bring your mattress into the family room.

Yes, you can eat and drink whatever you want for lunch.

Yes, I'll tuck you in again.

Yes, I'll give you extra ice in your cup so I can barely close it.

Yes, you can watch more Dinosaur Train after naps.

Yes, you can get down from the table as soon as you're done eating.

Yes, we can read that incredibly long dinosaur book you like.

Yes, I'll start your night-night music again.

"Yes" was my way today of saying, "I'm sorry you have to struggle in this fallen, yucky world.  Let's just enjoy the grace of the little blessings we receive today.  After all, God gives me the extra grace I need on the days I struggle the most."  And all those little blessings meant that we all enjoyed the day a little more and relaxed a lot more.  Sigh... praying for sweet rest for those little heads tonight and victory over illness tomorrow, and now it's my turn to count the graces I received from my Father.

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