Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is that behind lid #2?

One thing you should know about me... I have days that I'm a total klutz.  Truly.  This happens especially when I'm tired, distracted, stressed, or excited.  That pretty much covers all the time. Funny...  Unfortunately, this afternoon's regularly scheduled reading was canceled due to this situation out of control... my klutziness.

You'd think I'd be able to fix lunch for my children without making a gigantic mess.  Think. again.  First I put a very full gallon of milk back in the fridge without the lid.  Nice.  Whole, fatty milk all over the fridge.  After cleaning that up, I reached for a bag of blueberries and managed to knock over a cup of milk on the top shelf.  More whole, fatty milk all over the fridge.  And I mean ALL over the fridge.  So instead of a peaceful, relaxing afternoon reading hour, I had the "Guess what lives under lid #2?" afternoon. 

My baby is 18 months old.  I'm pretty sure I haven't wiped out my fridge since my baby was born.  Please say you'll still be my friend.

As long as I was wiping, I decided to put all the food that was feeding the Fungus Family in the trash.  As long as I was disposing of all the fungus food, I decided to throw out all the expired condiments.  As long as the fridge was going to get cleaned out, I decided I might as well clean out the freezer.  And as long as I was letting go of things I'd been saving, I decided to dump out that container of frozen lentils that I'm pretty sure I cooked when I was pregnant.  I have not been pregnant for a very. long. time.

Surprisingly, I was able to identify everything, even under the freezer burn.  And now the fridge and freezer are arranged so one can open them and not be attacked by food or whole, fatty milk.  

But now my baby is awake.  My big boy is crying for me to let him up from this rest hour.  My book remains unread, and my kitchen faintly smells of freezer-burned legumes.  Ah... so this is why I never cleaned out the fridge before now! 

The truth is I'd rather play with my kids than have a clean fridge.  I'd rather read a good book than check the expiration dates on my condiments.  And I'd rather let those lentils be preserved for posterity than worry about my freezer at the end of a long day.  Amen.

 Oh well.  Looking back, I'll I can do is give thanks and proper credit.  This clean fridge moment was brought to you by Krista's klutziness.  Hopefully I'll find a different sponsor for the rest of this day's activities.

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  1. It's nice to hear someone other than me has klutzy days too! I can totally sympathize! And it seems like once things start to spill so do the frustrations. I am so glad we serve a perfect God so we don't have to be! Thanks for being so transparent Krista!