Sunday, March 11, 2012

I do not like it, Sam I Am

We do not like it Sam I am.  We do not like Daddy being far away.  Teacher Man has been gone for over three days... in sunny California.  We miss him like crazy.

He just called to say they are running late.  What!?!   That is unacceptable!  Do I sound unreasonable?  Let me shed some light.

The first time that Teacher Man and I were apart for a full day and night, I was on a road trip to Illinois for a friend's wedding.  At four months pregnant, I rode in the car with some friends through the day to get to the wedding and then we drove through the night to get back home.  Since my husband was visiting friends while I was gone, I was dropped off at my parents' home sometime around 2 a.m..  Teacher Man was picking me up the next day... and I cried myself to sleep.

As I waited for him to arrive, I got more and more emotional.  By the time Teacher Man pulled into my parents' driveway, I was in hysterics.  He held me while I cried for fifteen minutes at the front door.  He held my hand all the way home to our apartment while I teared up.  Then he held me while I bawled in bed for an hour.

I have never cried so much in my life.  Yes, I know I'm pathetic; but Teacher Man is my rock.  He's the calm response when I'm panicked.  He's the affirmer when I'm not sure.  He's the man of faith when I'm the woman of questions.  And when he's away I feel like a house on the sand.

He's on his way right now, and I feel like I'm twenty two again, waiting in my college housing for him to pull up outside in his beat-up Honda Accord.  My better half.

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