Thursday, March 8, 2012

Taking Time to Live

Yesterday was beautiful here in the Midwest.  There was no way we were staying inside.  Ben had no problem with this.  He's easy to convince.

Plus, Teacher Man put this swing up last summer.  It's rocked our world ever since.

At some point, Caleb said, "Mommy, this is the best swinging in the whole world."  Sigh.  Love that.  Hate that I can't get in their swing.  Silly 50 lb. weight limit.

Caleb was happy for a while.  We discovered all the green things coming up.

See the daffodil bud?

But after discovering all the plants and gathering all the swords... I mean, sticks, Caleb started experiencing separation anxiety... because he'd been away from his trains for too long. 

Ben cried when we went inside.  Caleb didn't want to stay outside.


Definitely one of my better ideas.

There are so few days when I can make everyone happy.

When we can all do something that resonates with our hearts.

The fact is that the last few weeks have been full of therapy for my baby, errands for my husband, emergencies in our community, and just... life.  Since we are now out of the house for appointments three or more days a week, there are days that I wonder why I'm dragging my children through life...with all of us kicking and screaming.  I feel like I've been "that mom with the obnoxious kids" a few too many days lately.

We all need days when we remember to live in our own life, to feed our souls and build up the souls around us.  To take in the here and now.  Fully.  Every moment savored.  A discovery around every corner.  Reflecting our Creator by creating and enjoying His Creation. And yesterday we received that gift.

I didn't get anything done yesterday.  No laundry.  No vacuuming.  No planning.  I didn't answer any phone calls.  In fact, I left my phone in the house and turned down the ringer.  And dinner wasn't fancy.  
Thank. goodness.

Because we all need those days that are about discovering,


 and creating.

And even though today's calendar is full of appointments and must-do's, deep in my soul I remember that it's about more.  There is beauty to discover.  Memories to create.  And eternal souls that need to be loved well.

And I'm ready to courageously persevere.

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