Saturday, January 28, 2012

Taking a Mental Break

For several weeks, I blogged every day.  The kids napped.  I blogged.  It was great, and blogging was/is a huge encouragement to me as a writer and a mom.  Then I started reading a certain popular trilogy, and I stopped everything else I was doing.

Schedule of the afternoon:
1. Kids go to bed.
2. I put on the teapot.
3. I start reading.
4. I make a cup of tea when the teapot whistles.
5. I read and drink tea until I hear happy babbling coming from the baby monitors (Yes, I said monitors.  We spy on both of our kids shamelessly.)

This continued until I finished said trilogy on Thursday night.

Our house would not function if I did this forever.  We would not have clean clothes in drawers or hot food at supper if I kept this up, but it was so good.  It was huge after weeks of illness and grief to just rest mind and body and read something gripping and fictional.  It was like coming home to who I was before I became Momma and Wife.  That woman who could read for hours on end, who could peruse the library and walk out with ten books.  Who could get lost in a story and just lose track of time, completely carried away to the Limberlost, Prince Edward Island, or Cutter Gap.

Sigh.  I'm back now.  Grateful for a brief mental vacation and better for it.  In case you're in need of a similar break, here's where I would send you.

Happy mental rest!

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