Monday, January 2, 2012


It doesn't sound like much and has only one stop light, but I love going to Plevna for one very lovely reason.  Miller's Variety Store.  It's like taking a trip back in time and getting some of my grocery shopping done all in one trip.  Granted, this is much further than I would normally drive to shop; but it's so worth it.

Miller's Variety Store is run by an Amish family in Plevna.  They sell bulk dry goods, fresh cheese, homegrown pork, raw milk, and organic cleaning supplies.  In addition to the food, Miller's also sells Amish-made goods on consignment (lace, woodworking, handicrafts), home-baked goods (Fri.-Sat.), Amish clothing, and every Melissa and Doug toy you can think of.

When I'm there, I stock up on chicken soup base (no MSG), flours, sugars, natural sweeteners, dry pasta, snack foods, herbs, spices, and CHEESE.  I love their cheese!  Fresh.  Delicious.  Only $2.79/lb.  Hello?!?!  Spices and herbs can be bought at a fraction of the grocery store cost.  Plus, they try to sell products that are chemical-free or organic. So in addition to doing something relaxing for myself, I'm buying less expensive products that are better for my family.  Win. Win. Win.

Things you should know about Miller's

  1. This is where the Amish shop.  Don't park your minivan in the way of the hitching post.
  2. There is only one cart in the store, and the aisles are narrow.  Plus, there are a lot of breakables.  If you can avoid taking small children, you'll enjoy it more. Find a friend and make a day trip. Just call me.  I'll go with you.
  3. There is NO electricity in the store.  There are gas lamps in the aisles that they light on very dark days. The dairy products are kept in a cooler case that I assume is probably hooked to a generator somewhere.
  4. You can use a credit card.  Whew.  I drove all the way there one day and realized I had no cash.  I almost cried.  Thank goodness for the Visa sign on their front door.
  5. Do your homework.  If you know what you usually pay per pound for something, you'll know you're getting the best deal.  Not everything is inexpensive, but everything is quality.
  6. If you get their cheese once, it will be hard to return to grocery store cheese.  I mean it.  Be careful.
  7. Once there, you can sign up for Miller's newsletter/sale update.  You do this by writing your address in a spiral notebook on the counter.  That makes me happy.  I hope it does the same for you.
  8. The Amish don't like having their picture taken so please fight the urge to capture the quaint store on your camera phone.
And if you think this sounds like fun, you should talk to me about the Amboy Market (run by a Mennonite family).  More on that lovely place another day.

Meanwhile, here is Miller's address: 3718 County Road N 700 East, Plevna, Indiana 46901 

The easiest way to get there is to plug this address into Google Maps and get directions.  Do yourself a favor and don't go on a snowy day or week.  Miller's is off the beaten path, and there could easily by snow blown in the roads you need to take.  Helpful that I share this information with you in January, right?

Happy shopping, friends!


  1. Krista, this place sounds wonderful!!! We like going to Rentown to the Amish store there..sounds very similar, but to see a new/different one would be wonderful.
    I have been reading your blog for a while & today decided to take the time to leave a comment. You have a wonderful way with words!

  2. I remember you telling me about this place. They have really good coffee too, don't they? Might have to venture out that way sometime... Thanks for sharing! =)

  3. April, I've never bought coffee in Plevna. We do love the coffee at the Amboy Market.

    Shari, Glad you're enjoying the blog! It's been a a huge blessing to be able to write (not metacogs). Come to town and we'll take a road trip!

  4. I totally wanted to go over break, but we weren't planning on a funeral and a birth, and now our guys are back to work.

  5. we do make it down there occasionally Krista, since Caleb is living in Marion these days....whoohoo.....done with school!!!!

  6. Shari, We say Caleb the other night when we were in the mall! Didn't realize he was in town still.