Thursday, January 19, 2012

Changing directions (from last week)

"Get in the car, kids!  Now!"

Both boys were hurled into the van, Caleb strapped in with no socks or shoes on.  "Mommy, what are we doing?  I don't want to go naked!"  (He was fully-clothed minus socks and shoes. Oh, the drama.)

"We're going for a drive, boys.  Mommy's had enough."  I grabbed my purse and a few checks that I needed to deposit at the bank.  I didn't even take time to put on "real clothes," and I slipped my crocs on, knowing I wouldn't be getting out of the van anywhere.

It had been a rough morning.  I had let the boys play as they wished which meant a lot of not sharing and a huge mess all over the house.  Looking around, I could see that I would have been better off spending the morning playing too, but a drive would give us a change of scene and a fresh start and so off we drove.

Our epic adventure included stopping at the bank drive-through to make our deposits and, of course, to get stickers.  Then we drove by the construction site at the college (always a big crowd-pleaser around here) and then drove a few blocks north so Starbucks could give me some renewed vision for the rest of the day.

As we headed home, I realized that just leaving the house was all it took to change the course of the whole day.  I felt like I had gotten something done, the boys were certain they had gotten a special adventure, and as I carried them into the house (remember no shoes) I was grateful for the inspiration.

Sometimes a sudden turn is all it takes to change the destination of the day.  And right now, I hope that each day's journey includes a funny moment (not hard with a toddler in the house), an eye-to-eye conversation with each of my men, and a new discovery.  Today we discovered that if you stick two stickers back to back, they are not really fun anymore.  It's the little things, ya know.

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