Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I LOVE to read

I thought I would love to read children's books to my children all day long, but watching them delight in the written word only makes me want to sit with a "mommy book" and read it cover to cover.  Don't get me wrong. I could read Knuffle Bunny Free four times each day... oh wait.  I do.  And I'm a huge fan of Stan and Jan Berenstein.  In fact, reading their books reminds me of the days when I truly started to love reading.

Despite all the fun of watching my sons' discover books, I still get far more excited about picking up a book and losing myself in its adventure.  Right now, I'm sorely tempted to neglect my children and read, read, read.  A friend lent me The Hunger Games trilogy, and I got through 125 pages in a day.  If you have small children and the amazing ability to fall asleep whenever you sit down, you know what a feat this is.  Yesterday, I managed not to pick it up all day, to celebrate my time with my children, to enjoy having Teacher Man home for one last day, and to get the bathrooms cleaned while I had him home to help with the boys.  Why is there always an emergency as soon as I start scrubbing the bathtub?

Anyways, I can't give any full recommendations until I finish the first volume, but the writing is gripping.  Haven't loved the writing of a book this much since Inkheart.  If you haven't read that one, it's worth the read, especially if you're a book lover.  It's a novel written for those who love to books.  What could be better?

On a more serious side, friends have lent me some non-fiction that I am reading as well (though not quite as quickly [insert sheepish grin here]). Still enjoying The Creative Family by Amanda Soule.  It's filled with ideas for encouraging our children to be creative in their play.  Lots of great craft ideas for your children (and for you!).  I'm really excited to make a colored pencil case I read about in the book.  If your kid gets one for their birthday from my kid, don't pop my bubble.  Act really excited about it.

Also, I've been making my way through The Hole in the Gospel.  Written by the president of World Vision, it's full of challenging, deep thoughts about how we as the church can love the poor.  A must read for believers (you know, besides the Bible, of course).

Well, my baby just woke up so I should get back to mothering.  May you have a blessed day, and may we each have a few moments to brew a cup of tea, curl up under a blanket, and READ.  

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