Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Most Amazing Feeling

My house was full today.  Full of children.  Two beautiful mom friends.  Noise.  While the older children ran around playing chase, dinosaurs, or some combination of the two; I held my friend's 6-week-old baby girl.  And as I held that little girl, my little daughter on the inside of my tummy started kicking my friend's baby on the outside.  At 23 weeks of life, my baby already recognizes a playmate.  And my heart was full.  Full of the promise that will be ours to hold in our arms in four months.  Full of the beauty that is a newborn baby girl.  Full of the happiness that only comes when your house is so trashed with toys and noise that you give up caring and just love on the souls that are inside the four walls.

The months ahead may be hard.  In fact, I know they will be.  Newborns are just hard.  Precious blessings.  Tons of work.  Family adjustments at every turn, but so worth it.  So thanks, friends, for bringing over your children and for reminding me of what's really important today!

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