Monday, September 10, 2012

Brothers will be brothers

Lately, I feel like I'm breaking up more than a few friendly wrestling matches around my house.  The boys have hit the magical age where they have to do EVERYTHING together.  Caleb wakes up first in the morning and begs to run in and wake up his brother.  Sometimes I can distract the big brother with breakfast, but I have to be quick.  Ben always wakes up first from naps and asks, "Bruh-ver?  Tractors?"  Then I have to distract him for an hour while his sleepaholic brother finishes his snooze.
This is a daily scene at our house.  Both of them reading together but totally separately.

Every experiment (this one about making a boat float) must be done together

Even when Caleb and I are just reading a book, Ben has to be in on the action.

But I'm glad.  I'm glad they like each other, laugh with one another, encourage one another.  Just in case this is getting too rosy for anyone, they also pummel one another, grab toys from each other, and call for a referee multiple times a day too.

But there are moments like this one, where we come back from the library and they are just content to be with one another and a big pile of new books, when I realize how blessed they are to have one another for companions.  There are also evenings like tonight where they run around the house laughing and chasing each other, and I just know that I wouldn't trade the craziness for anything.

And moments like this one, where Caleb read to Ben for the very first time.  Having both of them just makes it sweeter.  

A baby girl will definitely rock their worlds, but they're ready for it.  They figured out how to be brothers to each other; now they're ready to be big brothers to a precious little sister.  Heaven help the first boy who tries to catch her eye.  I mentioned that my boys already know how to pummel, right?

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