Saturday, April 28, 2012

In just one month...

It is unfathomable how much can change in just one month.  I look around my house and can barely believe it.

A piano that fills my house with music.  Sometimes I can hear Caleb humming along as I play Chopin.  Unbelievable.

A little boy who is reading everything in sight.  The code has been unlocked, and his brain is deciphering everything it sees.

A toddler who walks.  After months of therapy, chiropractor visits, and exercises; my sweet Benjamin is romping around the house on his own two feet.  Words cannot express my joy to see him walk to his room by himself.

Words also cannot express the relief in my lower back.  The kid is 27 lb. 11 oz.  It's like hefting a giant sack of flour around all. day.  Until now!

I don't remember if I've mentioned this in a previous post, but this month we invested in a project that we have been saving for since we moved into this house.  A wooden privacy fence has enclosed the yard so my little men can explore to their hearts' content without any fear of them running onto one of the three streets surrounding our property.  This investment has revolutionized my life.  I can give Caleb the freedom to excavate and play while I watch from the kitchen window.  Glorious independence!  The sandbox is going in next week, and I look forward to many mornings of happy, messy, dirty play this summer.

Most of these changes have happened because of years of planning, saving, and working.  It's just phenomenal to me that they are all happening at once.  KABOOM!!!  And life will never be the same.

So from our ever-changing home to yours, happy spring!

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