Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recovering angry mom.

You know those moms that yell at their kids?  The ones that you watch in the grocery store and wonder what they are thinking?  True confession: I think I could easily become one.

No, I didn't yell at my children in Aldi today.  Nope. I didn't even snap in the bookstore when my 3 year old kept wiggling away from me, but then we got home.  I was tired.  They were in need of exercise.  I was hurried. They were hungry.  Ben is teething.  Caleb is OCD.  All these things built up to create my own little version of the A-bomb.  And I lost it.

While trying to keep Ben from crying (which is super hard these days), I asked Caleb to go to the bathroom.  He denied needing to go, but every mom recognizes the potty dance, especially the cross-legged version.  It drives me crazy that he lies to me.  CRAZY.  I got up to help him on the potty, trying to entertain Ben at the same time when it happened.  Caleb decided it would be hilarious to run away from me.  Snap.  Ben starts crying because he doesn't want to be put down.  Caleb is laughing at his disobedience.  I am seething.  And I yelled.  And I was obeyed.  For all. the. wrong. reasons.

So with my older boy on the potty and with my younger boy on the floor trying to eat yet another book, I asked forgiveness from my older son for yelling. And he says, "I forgive you. Don't ever do that again, okay, Mommy?"  And I said, "I'll work on that.  How about you work on not lying to me because Mommy always wants to hear the truth from you.  Okay, son?"  And we hug.  And we're restored.  Two sinners figuring out this thing called the graceful life.

Proverbs 15:1- A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.  

Is it ironic that this is our theme verse this week?  I'm failing to see the humor in the irony right now, but I know that I need these words of life right now.  So deeply.  I need them to root themselves in my heart so that they will come out of my mouth.  Gentle answers turn away wrath, calming angry hearts and building up souls.  At the end of the day, that's what I want to do.  Build up their souls and train their hearts to love God well, looking to Him for the strength to obey and to love others.  Amen.

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  1. Oh Krista thank you for this post...this is what I needed today for I too am so working on this. I am greatful for God-fearing friends who challenge me right when I need it!