Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Little Men, Our Vision

In a world focused on self, my husband and I look around and struggle to find encouragement as we raise our little men.  The modern norms seem to cultivate even more selfishness, especially in boys.  I find myself wanting so much more for each of our little men.  Someday, I want their wives to call us and thank us for teaching them chivalry, industry, and strong conviction. I want them to be so in love with Jesus that their love for others is contagious.  Frankly, I pray that for my husband and myself.

So that's the grand vision.  We are no where close to perfect and a long way from having our boys raised.  Benjamin will be one year old tomorrow, and Caleb will be three in October... long way to go, right?  But we have goal, a vision for who we want them to be, to help us prioritize the daily and focus on the eternal.

This blog will follow our journey as parents of sons, laughing at the priceless moments, processing the tough decisions, and seeking to consistently mentor our sons to a passionate relationship with the Lover of their souls.  Please come along.  Chuckle with us, pray for us, and share in the most exciting commission the Lord has given us yet.

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