Friday, September 30, 2011

The End of an Era

I have an issue with cutting my babies' hair for the first time.  Both Caleb and Benjamin have had the sweetest curls.  I just don't know when to say goodbye to the curls and let them have a little boy's haircut.  Caleb was well over a year old when I finally took him to get the curls trimmed off, and I must admit it desperately needed to be done.  Though I was determined that I would not wait that long with Benjamin, I was still pathetic as I said goodbye to that soft downy hair.  To make the cut-off date easier, we celebrated his first birthday with a haircut.  Now he looks like a little boy not a sweet little cherub. So here's my happy little guy before and after.  Sigh.  May the curls grow back!


After (and loving his black beans!)

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